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Are you looking for the best promotional product for giveaways, gift-with-purchase, go-in-the-draw-to-win or corporate gifts? Then personalised watches are a great choice. At The Promo Lab, we have a stellar collection of custom promotional watches within different budgets. A trendy wristwatch is something everybody should have. You could strike off that check box from their wish list. Furthermore, a branded wearable watch is an excellent option for a promotional item because it is modern and long-lasting. Everyone loves to receive a gift they would use, so you can’t go wrong with branded wearable items. Explore our wide range below:

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ABS nurse watch Simone
Prices from: $21.25
Chronograph Alba Black
Prices from: $443.99
Chronograph Alba Blue
Prices from: $523.62
Chronograph Alba White
Prices from: $443.97
Chronograph Alesso Chrome
Prices from: $423.87
Chronograph Dolmen Chrome
Prices from: $350.22
Chronograph Dolmen Rose Gold
Prices from: $414.99
Chronograph Element Navy
Prices from: $412.99
Chronograph Gio Black
Prices from: $299.98
Chronograph Leone Black
Prices from: $291.68
Chronograph Leone Navy
Prices from: $323.18
Chronograph Luca Black
Prices from: $427.47
Chronograph Madeleine Beige
Prices from: $313.08
Chronograph Madeleine Bright Blue
Prices from: $313.08
Chronograph More Black
Prices from: $344.12
Chronograph More Chrome
Prices from: $341.54
Chronograph Orso Black
Prices from: $336.85
Chronograph Orso Blue
Prices from: $336.85
Chronograph Orso Taupe
Prices from: $308.98
Chronograph Primo Leather Black
Prices from: $122.20
Chronograph Stefano
Prices from: $404.49
Chronograph Taddeo Chrome
Prices from: $279.33
Chronograph Textum Black
Prices from: $333.04
Chronograph Textus Leather Blue
Prices from: $251.32
Chronograph Textus Leather Grey
Prices from: $254.92
Chronograph Tiziano black
Prices from: $377.71
Chronograph Tiziano white
Prices from: $356.76
Date watch Alesso Black
Prices from: $402.78
Date watch Alesso Chrome
Prices from: $321.61
Date watch Alesso Navy
Prices from: $414.01
Date watch Element Navy
Prices from: $285.52
Date watch Leone Black
Prices from: $184.26
Date watch Leone Navy
Prices from: $202.49
Date watch More Black
Prices from: $235.59
Date watch More Chrome
Prices from: $237.01
Date watch Ruby Leather
Prices from: $204.66
Date watch Sunray
Prices from: $292.06
Date watch Taddeo Black
Prices from: $161.06
Date watch Taddeo Chrome
Prices from: $164.76
Function watch Marco Black
Prices from: $212.86
Function watch Marco Blue
Prices from: $196.82
Function watch Marco Tan
Prices from: $196.82
Hydra Smart Watch
Prices from: $68.91
Mayer Smart Watch
Prices from: $48.35
Noda Smart Watch
Prices from: $66.88
Nurse Watch 2.0 (Analog)
Prices from: $18.67
Nurses Watch II
Prices from: $18.08
Pocket Watch
Prices from: $16.75
Pocket Watch
Prices from: $16.13
Smart Watch Wesly
Prices from: $26.10
Watch Andrea Chrome
Prices from: $136.51
Watch Andrea Gun
Prices from: $147.08
Watch Andrea Rose Gold
Prices from: $147.08
Watch Angelo classic
Prices from: $442.45
Watch Aurelia Chrome
Prices from: $118.90
Watch Aurelia Gold
Prices from: $113.17
Watch Bagatelle Beige
Prices from: $96.44
Watch Bagatelle Bordeaux
Prices from: $100.49
Watch Beaubourg Bleu
Prices from: $137.95
Watch Beaubourg Corail
Prices from: $137.95
Watch Bird Blue
Prices from: $94.90
Watch Bird Gris
Prices from: $94.90
Watch Bird Pink
Prices from: $94.90
Watch Blossom Blanc
Prices from: $146.11
Watch Blossom Bleu
Prices from: $146.30
Watch Blossom Bordeaux
Prices from: $136.93
Watch Butterfly Black
Prices from: $107.93
Watch Butterfly White
Prices from: $107.93
Watch Catena Black
Prices from: $140.33
Watch Catena Chrome
Prices from: $126.82
Watch Catena Rose Gold
Prices from: $147.43
Watch Celso
Prices from: $87.33
Watch Chorus Grey
Prices from: $141.16
Watch Demoiselle Blanc
Prices from: $88.69
Watch Demoiselle Bleu
Prices from: $88.69
Watch Derby Classic
Prices from: $103.43
Watch Dolmen Chrome
Prices from: $233.28
Watch Donatello
Prices from: $124.33
Watch Elio Black
Prices from: $129.82
Watch Elsa
Prices from: $276.54
Watch Even Blue
Prices from: $117.71
Watch Even Rose Gold
Prices from: $117.71
Watch Ezio Black
Prices from: $123.99
Watch Ezio Gold
Prices from: $124.47
Watch Fedra Chrome
Prices from: $224.30
Watch Giada Grey
Prices from: $111.63
Watch Giada Navy
Prices from: $111.63
Watch Hirondelle Light Pink
Prices from: $101.29
Watch Hirondelle Navy
Prices from: $101.29
Watch Hortense Navy
Prices from: $103.47
Watch Hortense Pink
Prices from: $103.47
Watch Hortense White
Prices from: $103.47
Watch Iris Burgundy
Prices from: $155.13
Watch Iris Light Blue
Prices from: $155.13
Watch Iris Navy
Prices from: $155.13
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Branded Chronograph Textum Black with an engraved logo looks fantastic and stands out. Our custom-branded watch is available in black and grey and comes in a beautiful gift box, definitely  worth the price.

Watches can allow employees to keep track of everything and be punctual. The Watch Bird Pink watch can be a perfect fit for the ladies in your office. Any lady would love to receive this as a gift. The soft light pink color of the rubber wrist strap and face with crisp gold metal parts make this a stand out product.

Who would love to explore a variety of watches? Almost all of us, Right! You can look out for Watch, Unisex with Silicone Strap watches that come in 7 different colours! This trendy sports watch is water resistant and features a turning bezel and silicone strap. All of our watches are manufactured using high quality Japanese movements and are all guaranteed for 12 months. So, what are you waiting for? Just order them within a few easy clicks!

Why Choose The Promo Lab, NZ?
·      100% New Zealand owned and operated branding agency
·      Largest online range in New Zealand
·      Fast and efficient delivery New Zealand-wide
·      Customisable corporate gift packaging for staff and clients
·      No gift is the same. Unique packaging options available
·      10-15 working day delivery
·      Dedicated customer service

If you are in search of some different promotional products or branded gifts, then explore here. You may also love to look at other corporate gift collections such as Laptop and satchel bags, Sports and duffle bags, Beach bags, Overnight bags, Blankets, BBQ sets, Cheese Boards, Serving Boards, Picnic Sets, Glassware, Bottle Openers and Corkscrews, Cooking and Food, Cooler Bags, Glass Drink Bottles, Food gifts, Dry Bags, T-shirts, Drinkware & Mugs, Polo Shirts, Sports & Play, Chairs, Promotional Tents/Marquees, Health & Body Care, Headwear and so much more.

We sell a range of top brands including AS Colour, Gildan, Hurricane, Biz Collection, Biz Corporates, Bizcare, JB’s Wear, Blunt Umbrellas, Peros, Moleskine, po ‘di fame, Stormtech, Result, Aurora, Cloke, Trends, Titleist, Sol's, Camelbak, Swiss Peak, Pierre Cardin, Lamy, Barkers, Gear for Life, Eco Gear, Smpli, Dri gear, GFL Bags, The Range, Syzmik and so much more

We also offer a wide selection of branding options such as screen printing, digital printing, resin printing, embroidery, pad printing, sublimation, laser engraving, embossing and debossing, die-cut, supacolour, kiln-fired and hot stamping, depending on the product you select. Customise your bulk/wholesale order now!

Contact us today via phone on 09 416 5500 or online to start your personalised gifting experience.

Why Our Customers Love Us?
At The Promo Lab, we believe in delivering quality and value. Here’s what our lovely customers have to say about shopping for Corporate Gifting from us.

“We have worked on a couple of merchandise projects together with The Promo Lab, and were highly impressed by the level of service delivered and the communication provided by their team throughout each project. They completed the brief on time and on budget. Good job The Promo Lab.”

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