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Eco-Friendly Custom Branded Promotional Gift Items

Eco Friendly promotional products are growing more and more popular as organisations work to reduce waste. If you are also looking for the same, then explore our stellar range of personalised eco items. To ensure that you have the right promotional product with the right messaging, view The Promo Lab range. The reusable nature of our items makes them ideal for repeat marketing. Our range of eco-friendly products can be blended with other printed items to promote the same green ethos. All our products are made of biodegradable raw materials, such as ethically grown and harvested wood, bamboo, jute, cork, and organic cotton. Reflect your business, brand, or campaign values by choosing eco-friendly promotional merchandise sourced locally from New Zealand and abroad. Explore our stunning collection below:

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2 in 1 Mini Tablemat
Prices from: $22.80
2 in 1 Mini Tablemat - Paua Inlay
Prices from: $25.84
2 in 1 Tablemat
Prices from: $33.44
2 in 1 Tablemat - Paua Inlay
Prices from: $37.54
3 in 1 Kiwi Placemat
Prices from: $41.04
3 in 1 Tablemat
Prices from: $42.56
3 in 1 Tablemat - Paua Inlay
Prices from: $46.66
3 Shell Serving Set
Prices from: $117.60
Aussie Recycled Flyer
Prices from: $2.11
Bamboo charger
Prices from: $22.77
Bamboo Coasters
Prices from: $7.72
Bamboo Cutlery Set
Prices from: $2.42
Bamboo Fibre Lunch Box
Prices from: $17.75
Bamboo fibre sunglasses
Prices from: $4.07
Bamboo Phone Holder
Prices from: $5.75
Bamboo Phone Stand
Prices from: $2.29
Bamboo ruler
Prices from: $2.42
Bamboo Toothbrush
Prices from: $2.25
Beeswax Wrap Full Colour Transfer
Prices from: $14.88
Bottle Opener (with Magnet)
Prices from: $14.44
Cap Mate Bottle Opener
Prices from: $60.38
Cheese Platter - Large
Prices from: $63.84
Cheese Platter - Small
Prices from: $45.60
Choice Cutlery Set
Prices from: $1.25
Chopping Board (Rimu)
Prices from: $42.56
Chopping Boards - Large
Prices from: $115.85
Chopping Boards - Medium
Prices from: $77.18
Chopping Boards - Small
Prices from: $58.80
Citrus Plants
Prices from: $48.64
Coasters - Set of 4, Split to 8
Prices from: $38.00
Creative Sketch Set
Prices from: $7.22
Curved Wooden Salad Servers
Prices from: $29.26
Delish Eco Cutlery Set
Prices from: $2.19
Echo Key Ring - Rectangle
Prices from: $3.82
Echo Key Ring - Square
Prices from: $3.82
Eco Cork Coaster
Prices from: $1.64
ECO wine holder
Prices from: $7.96
Enviro Folder with Pen
Prices from: $12.00
Everyday Zero Hero Gift Set
Prices from: $68.40
Extended Reach Wooden Tongs
Prices from: $19.95
Fish Pot Stand
Prices from: $50.16
Karma Reusable Food Pouch
Prices from: $8.03
Karma Reusable Food Wrap
Prices from: $7.18
Karma Reusable Snack Pouch
Prices from: $6.71
Large 3 in 1 Tablemat
Prices from: $50.16
Large Fish Pot Stand
Prices from: $76.00
Mini Large 3 in 1 Tablemat
Prices from: $39.52
Mini Rugby Ball Tablemat
Prices from: $36.48
Native Plants
Prices from: $55.10
Natura Lunch Box
Prices from: $8.42
Pate Knife Wooden Utensil Set
Prices from: $21.28
Paua Coasters - Individual
Prices from: $9.88
Paua Coasters - set of 2
Prices from: $21.28
Paua Coasters - set of 4
Prices from: $39.52
Picnic Table
Prices from: $34.07
Recyclewood Coasters - Pair
Prices from: $23.63
Recyclewood Coasters - Singles
Prices from: $12.25
Reusable Food Wrap
Prices from: $6.13
Reusable Sandwich Bag
Prices from: $11.63
Rimu Chopping Board
Prices from: $50.16
Rimu Hot Pan Fan
Prices from: $39.55
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Looking for promotional merchandise that sits in line with your environmental ethics as a business? Our engraved 3 in 1 Tablemat - Paua Inlay is the right choice. It is handcrafted from solid native New Zealand Rimu or Kauri. It can be used as three separate mats, one single mat, or a long mat.

If you are looking for something fun and valuable, bulk order our everyday zero hero gift set now. Allow your staff/clients to become Everyday Zero Heroes. This gift set has everything they need to go plastic-free. It includes a large honey wrap, keep cup small, five packs of organic produce & bulk bin bags, reusable cutlery set, trade-aid chocolate, and a `you are the bee's knees` card all in a gift box.

Reflect your business, brand, or campaign values by choosing our eco-friendly promotional bamboo toothbrush, which is available in both adult and kids sizes. It is a perfect gift for those employees or clients who follow environmentally supportive hygiene. It is a natural alternative to plastic toothbrushes, which laser engraves to a natural etch. It has medium hardness nylon bristles, which are BPA-free, and the toothbrush comes in an unbleached cardboard box with product information on the back. Expand your brand with less impact on the environment to show clients you care.

Why Choose The Promo Lab, NZ?
·      100% New Zealand owned and operated branding agency
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·      No gift is the same. Unique packaging options available
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If you are in search of some different promotional products or branded gifts, then explore here. You may also love to look at other eco-friendly corporate gift collections such as Eco awards, Eco drinkware, Eco desk accessories, Eco headwear, Eco bags, Eco notebooks, Eco packaging and many more.

We also offer a wide selection of branding options such as screen printing, digital printing, resin printing, embroidery, pad printing, sublimation, laser engraving, embossing and debossing, die-cut, supacolour, kiln-fired and hot stamping, depending on the product you select. Customise your bulk/wholesale order now.

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“If you are looking for a hassle-free solution to coming up with new ideas, innovative ways to leave a lasting impression and having the confidence that quality checks are in place to ensure you receive your delivery on time, then I can’t recommend The Promo Lab enough. The team at Promo Lab understand time constraints and are prepared do everything they can to meet them. Whether it’s a product or concept, they hunt for a solution and provide you options if your first choice is not available. Having this expertise at our fingertips is like adding another member to our team. Thanks, Promo Lab.”


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