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Looking for custom scarves with an exclusive selection of fabric and colours? The Promo Lab has what you need. We offer you a fantastic collection of stylish and affordable custom scarves within different materials and they work as perfect promotional merchandise for gifts with purchase items or giveaways. Distribute your marketing messages on promotional scarves, and your branded scarves will put all your important marketing messages around your target audience’s neck. A promotional scarf makes an excellent handout since it is easy to distribute and serves as a walking billboard for your advertising message. Browse our inventory of scarves below!

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Prices from: $75.81
Prices from: $63.52
Prices from: $53.90
Prices from: $78.73
Prices from: $14.61
Prices from: $46.88
Prices from: $52.09
100% White Chiffon Scarf
Prices from: $57.56
Acrylic Fibers Scarf
Prices from: $22.56
Acrylic Scarf
Prices from: $26.73
Acrylic Scarf
Prices from: $29.71
Acrylic Scarf - Black
Prices from: $8.83
Acrylic Scarf - Large
Prices from: $10.69
Acrylic Scarf - Navy
Prices from: $8.83
Acrylic Scarf with Tassels - Navy
Prices from: $11.00
Avalanche Brushed Scarf
Prices from: $30.63
Avalanche Scarf and Beanie Set
Prices from: $39.71
Barkers 100% Merino Scarf
Prices from: $77.09
Berlin Infinity Scarf
Prices from: $29.93
Berlin Scarf
Prices from: $29.59
Black Merino Scarf
Prices from: $33.59
Blank Multifunctional Headwear
Prices from: $7.36
Cable Knit Scarf - Black
Prices from: $15.11
Christmas scarf
Prices from: $32.60
Commodore Scarf
Prices from: $12.67
Denali Scarf
Prices from: $21.61
Denali Scarf and Beanie Set
Prices from: $27.46
Elastic Spandex Scarf
Prices from: $25.78
Fairbanks Custom Knitted Scarf
Prices from: $18.02
Fleece Scarf
Prices from: $13.15
Headband Ranster
Prices from: $9.98
Headband Wetux
Prices from: $8.84
Knitted Polyester Scarf
Prices from: $13.09
Long scraf Hortense Bright Red
Prices from: $107.41
Long scraf Hortense Navy
Prices from: $107.41
Merino Arctic Scarf
Prices from: $68.24
Nebraska Cable Knit Scarf
Prices from: $11.24
Nebraska Scarf and Beanie Set
Prices from: $16.34
Neck Warmer and Hat Ponkar
Prices from: $13.13
Neck Warmer Meifar
Prices from: $9.74
Neck Warmer Nostal
Prices from: $11.02
Omega Cotton Neck Warmer
Prices from: $14.35
Polar Fleece Scarf
Prices from: $26.45
Polar Fleece Scarf
Prices from: $10.69
Polar Fleece Scarf - Black
Prices from: $11.40
Polar Fleece Scarf - Navy
Prices from: $11.40
Polyester Scarf
Prices from: $11.14
Recycled Mesh Fabric Scarf
Prices from: $11.14
RPET Neck Gaiter
Prices from: $4.85
Scarf Alesso
Prices from: $163.88
Scarf Aurelia Gold
Prices from: $142.79
Scarf Aurelia Gun
Prices from: $142.79
Scarf Beaubourg Burgundy & Grey
Prices from: $169.16
Scarf Bird Beige
Prices from: $181.71
Scarf Bird Blue
Prices from: $181.71
Scarf Bird Bordeaux
Prices from: $181.71
Scarf Bird Pink
Prices from: $181.46
Scarf Chorus Black
Prices from: $157.27
Scarf Cosmo
Prices from: $158.01
Scarf Element Grey
Prices from: $172.34
Scarf Element Navy
Prices from: $172.34
Scarf Giada Grey
Prices from: $187.08
Scarf Giada Navy
Prices from: $187.08
Scarf Hortense Bright Blue
Prices from: $49.21
Scarf Hortense Bright Red
Prices from: $49.21
Scarf Id Dark Grey
Prices from: $168.08
Scarf Leone Black
Prices from: $107.93
Scarf Madeleine Black
Prices from: $181.73
Scarf Madeleine Light Blue
Prices from: $181.73
Scarf Montmartre Grey
Prices from: $194.74
Scarf Pontia Bright Blue
Prices from: $123.55
Scarf Pontia Navy
Prices from: $64.73
Scarf Pontia Off White
Prices from: $64.73
Scarf Seal Grey
Prices from: $157.79
Scarf Sienna Black & Gold
Prices from: $117.12
Scarf Sienna Blue & Silver
Prices from: $117.12
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Thinking of shopping for unique and creative scarves and redefining your uniform? If so, then our custom embroidered Acrylic Scarf is one of the best options. This unique and straightforward soft knitted scarf keeps you warm and promotes your brand uniquely. It is also available in fluro orange, fluro yellow, navy, sky, and royal shades to match your taste and needs.

Are you looking for the perfect wintertime gift for your employees and top clients? Custom printed Cable Knit Scarf - Black is a great way to provide them with warmth and style. It is featured with an Acrylic knit with a cable knit row. The scarf pulls through the end loop to create a neck wrap. Add your branding suitable for business wear or outdoor corporate functions.

Custom embroidered scarves like Barkers 100% Merino Scarf, Cacharel Scarf Montmartre Grey or Merino Arctic Scarf make great giveaways at sporting events, outdoor events, or trade expos. They’re also perfect for gifting in the office for the holidays or any occasion. Employees, clients, and executives will love wearing their promotional scarves every time.

Why Choose The Promo Lab, NZ?
·      100% New Zealand-owned and operated branding agency
·      Largest online range in New Zealand
·      Fast and efficient delivery New Zealand-wide
·      Customisable corporate gift packaging for staff and clients
·      No gift is the same. Unique packaging options available
·      10-15 working day delivery
·      Dedicated customer service

If you are in search of some different promotional products or branded gifts, then explore collections such as Corporate Jackets, Vests, Hi-Vis Jackets, Hoodies, Knitwear, Fleecey TopsMetal Drink Bottles, Gloves, Beanies, Thermal Clothing, Umbrellas, T-shirts, Chargers, Anti-Bacterial and many more.

We sell a range of top brands including AS Colour, Gildan, Hurricane, Biz Collection, Biz Corporates, Bizcare, JB’s Wear, Blunt Umbrellas, Peros, Moleskine, PO ‘di fame, Stormtech, Result, Aurora, Cloke, Trends, Titleist, Sol's, Camelbak, Swiss Peak, Pierre Cardin, Lamy, Barkers, Gear for Life, Eco Gear, Simple, Dri gear, GFL Bags, The Range, Syzmik and so much more.

We also offer a wide selection of branding options such as screen printing, digital printing, resin printing, embroidery, pad printing, sublimation, laser engraving, embossing and debossing, die-cut, supacolour, kiln-fired and hot stamping, depending on the product you select. Customise your bulk/wholesale order now!

Contact us today via phone on 09 416 5500 or online to start your personalised gifting experience.

Why Our Customers Love Us?

At The Promo Lab, we believe in delivering quality and value. Here’s what our lovely customers have to say about shopping for Corporate Gifting from us.

“The team at The Promo Lab are fantastic to work with! They provide a seamless customer service experience, are extremely efficient and always happy to help wherever they can. Their products are of high quality and great value. Our Company will definitely continue to work with the team in future!”