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Keep New Zealand green! Being a responsible business and eco-conscious are challenging tasks to balance. But now it’s possible with promotional eco-writing instruments. If you would like to impact the environment positively, eco-friendly pens are a great way to start because they are inexpensive to produce. At The Promo Lab, we offer you a stellar collection of promotional eco-writing instruments like the Deyon bamboo pen or Astor Recycled Cardboard Pen, and many more, giving your brand a unique and lasting impression. They may be a small item, but because of the frequency at which they’re used and purchased, they positively impact the environment. Although a simple product, pens offer your brand high visibility and longevity.  Explore our extensive collection below and choose the best product to reflect your business:

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Ancona Bamboo Inkless Pen
Prices from: $1.60
Ancona Bamboo Pen
Prices from: $1.51
Andrio RPET Pen
Prices from: $1.98
Artel Recycled paper Pen
Prices from: $2.50
Aspen Bamboo Pen
Prices from: $1.54
Aspen Bamboo Pen / Stylus
Prices from: $1.59
Aspen Paper Pen
Prices from: $1.35
Astor Recycled Cardboard Pen
Prices from: $1.03
Atten Pen
Prices from: $13.27
Bahia Bamboo Ball Pen
Prices from: $23.29
Ball Pen in cork and aluminium
Prices from: $6.64
Ball Pen in Cork and Metal
Prices from: $26.03
Bamboo & Wheat Pen
Prices from: $3.83
Bamboo 2-in-1 ballpen Colette
Prices from: $3.17
Bamboo Automatic Ball Pen
Prices from: $2.75
Bamboo ballpen Arabella
Prices from: $3.43
Bamboo ballpen Carson
Prices from: $3.64
Bamboo ballpen Colorado
Prices from: $2.67
Bamboo ballpen Hetty
Prices from: $4.20
Bamboo ballpen Jerome
Prices from: $2.61
Bamboo ballpen Lacey
Prices from: $2.29
Bamboo ballpen Meera
Prices from: $4.76
Bamboo Barrel Pen Set
Prices from: $5.92
Bamboo Gripper Pen
Prices from: $3.78
Bamboo Pen
Prices from: $2.08
Bamboo Quick-Dry Gel Ballpoint
Prices from: $7.93
Bamboo Roller Pen
Prices from: $3.00
Bamboo ruler Greta
Prices from: $2.93
Bamboo Twist Pen
Prices from: $1.32
Bamboo writing set Addie
Prices from: $48.62
Bamboo writing set Darlene
Prices from: $7.67
Bambusa Pen
Prices from: $1.10
Beechwood ballpen Tobias
Prices from: $23.31
Beechwood writing set Oliviero
Prices from: $43.00
Betton Wood Push Ben
Prices from: $3.36
Bio Pen
Prices from: $2.00
Blast Eco Pen
Prices from: $1.24
Bloa Pen
Prices from: $13.65
Brilen Recycled Aluminium Pen
Prices from: $2.97
Brincio Recycled Aluminium Pen
Prices from: $2.02
Bruno Eco Pen
Prices from: $1.14
Cardboard ballpen Madalena
Prices from: $2.11
Cardboard ballpen Peter
Prices from: $1.90
Cardboard colouring set Lillian
Prices from: $10.19
Carony Wood Pen
Prices from: $3.83
Cartoon Color Pen
Prices from: $2.50
Chiatox Bamboo & Aluminium Pen
Prices from: $3.67
Choice Highlighter
Prices from: $1.23
Choice Kraft Pen
Prices from: $0.99
Choice Stationery Set
Prices from: $3.33
Clap Corporate Pen
Prices from: $12.65
Clap Pen
Prices from: $7.95
Clas Pen
Prices from: $12.09
Claw Pen
Prices from: $14.00
Cobra Bio
Prices from: $3.40
Cobra Recycling
Prices from: $2.85
Coffee Fiber Pen
Prices from: $1.68
Coffee Husk Push Pen
Prices from: $2.16
Colour Pencil Pack
Prices from: $1.64
Cork ballpen Macie
Prices from: $2.26
Cork Pen
Prices from: $5.01
Cork Pen
Prices from: $9.25
Cork writing set Elmer
Prices from: $36.77
Corpy Pen (Blue)
Prices from: $11.80
Corpy Pen (Grey)
Prices from: $11.80
Corpy Pen (Red)
Prices from: $11.80
Crayon Set of 6 crayons Pichi
Prices from: $2.79
Dial Pen
Prices from: $18.56
Duo Pen & Pencil Set
Prices from: $11.31
Eco Clear Clics Pen
Prices from: $3.39
Eco Mechanical Pencil
Prices from: $1.98
Eco Pen Ballpoint Bamboo Cara
Prices from: $2.40
Eco Pen Ballpoint Bamboo Julia
Prices from: $2.46
Eco Pen Ballpoint Bamboo Lotus
Prices from: $1.80
Eco Pen Ballpoint Recycled PET
Prices from: $1.04
Eco Pen Ballpoint Wheat Cara
Prices from: $1.04
Eco Pen Ballpoint Wheat Julia
Prices from: $1.16
Eco Writer 2
Prices from: $1.46
Eco Writing Set
Prices from: $6.16
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Custom eco-friendly bamboo pen provides you with a good looking product as part of your marketing strategy. Sustainable with bamboo being one of the fastest-growing plants in the world it is finished with silver accents making it a classy looking pen while being affordable.  This kind of promotional merchandise allows you to show your intentions from the get-go and remind customers every time they use them.

If you are looking for something out of the box with a classy and elegant look, then our cork pen including decoration is the right choice. Personalised Eco-Friendly Pens offer a great greeting or point-of-sale giveaway to get the recipients attention and provide a bonus gift.

Whether your target audiences are students or office workers our custom printed eco pen & pencil set with an environmental theme makes sense! This set comes within a natural unbleached cardboard tube and contains two unpainted wood HB pencils and two pens manufactured with natural unbleached paper.

Eco-friendly promotional products such as personalised Apollo pen boxes or Cardboard presentation box can give you extra flexibility with your branding message about your business or simply add value to the presentation of the writing instrument enclosed. If you want something unique, then order our eco-friendly bundle now. It includes a fatino B6 cork notebook, sweeti sticky note pad, euroauz bamboo pen, and bookmark ruler sticky note pad and packed in a zutamo pencil case. A great bundle is ready to go!

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If you are in search of some different promotional products or branded gifts, then explore here. You may also love to look at other eco-friendly corporate gift collections such as Eco awards, Eco drinkware, Eco desk accessories, Eco headwear, Eco bags, Eco notebooks, Eco packaging and many more.

We also offer a wide selection of branding options such as screen printing, digital printing, resin printing, embroidery, pad printing, sublimation, laser engraving, embossing and debossing, die-cut, supacolour, kiln-fired and hot stamping, depending on the product you select. Customise your bulk/wholesale order now!

Contact us today via phone on 09 416 5500 or online to start your personalised gifting experience.

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