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Everybody at some point in their lives becomes stressed. There are hundreds of reasons due to work, school load, or other personal problems. Why not show your concern about client problems and care about them? The Promo Lab offers you a fantastic collection of branded anti-stress promotional merchandise. Your employees or clients will surely appreciate your personalised promo gift whenever they need a quick stress reliever. These tactics are inexpensive, but they make the customer feel good and appreciated. It's also a great way to build customer loyalty. Explore our fantastic collection below:

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Kiwi Fruit Anti Stress Toy
Prices from: $0.00
stress balls shiny ball shape
Prices from: $3.11
Apple Stress Reliever
Prices from: $2.45
Brain Stress Reliever
Prices from: $2.50
Copper door opener Finnegan
Prices from: $6.34
Emoji Stress Balls
Prices from: $2.18
Football Stress Reliever
Prices from: $3.15
Hard Hat Stress Reliever
Prices from: $2.10
Heart Stress Reliever
Prices from: $2.26
Horse Stress Reliever
Prices from: $3.74
House Stress Reliever
Prices from: $3.66
Piggy Bank - Natural
Prices from: $6.36
Plane Stress Reliever
Prices from: $2.65
Popper Ball
Prices from: $6.25
PU foam cloud Franco
Prices from: $6.23
PU foam dice Javier
Prices from: $6.37
PU foam dice Nestor
Prices from: $6.78
PU foam figure Lily
Prices from: $6.93
PU foam football Elijah
Prices from: $7.25
PU foam globe Aila
Prices from: $7.22
PU foam heart Sia
Prices from: $7.17
PU foam house Bernadetta
Prices from: $11.34
PU foam key holder Lilou
Prices from: $3.43
PU foam light bulb Arianna
Prices from: $8.08
PU foam stress ball Otto
Prices from: $6.64
PU foam truck Irene
Prices from: $8.72
Round Stress Balls
Prices from: $2.12
Soccer Ball Stress Reliever
Prices from: $2.18
Squeeze Airplane
Prices from: $4.44
Squeeze Apple
Prices from: $4.73
Squeeze Ball
Prices from: $4.44
Squeeze Basketball
Prices from: $4.41
Squeeze Brain
Prices from: $5.76
Squeeze Cow
Prices from: $5.73
Squeeze Cricket Ball
Prices from: $3.47
Squeeze Crocodile
Prices from: $5.64
Squeeze Cube
Prices from: $4.73
Squeeze Duck
Prices from: $5.73
Squeeze Earth
Prices from: $4.58
Squeeze Elephant
Prices from: $5.82
Squeeze Football
Prices from: $4.58
Squeeze Golf Ball
Prices from: $4.23
Squeeze Heart
Prices from: $4.20
Squeeze Hippo
Prices from: $5.67
Squeeze House
Prices from: $5.93
Squeeze Light Bulb
Prices from: $4.64
Squeeze Shark
Prices from: $5.23
Squeeze Soccer Ball
Prices from: $4.32
Squeeze Star
Prices from: $2.85
Squeeze Thumbs Up
Prices from: $4.96
Squeeze Volley Ball
Prices from: $4.23
Star Stress Reliever
Prices from: $2.04
Stress @ Shape
Prices from: $1.52
Stress Apples
Prices from: $3.09
Stress Aussie Map
Prices from: $3.30
Stress Australia
Prices from: $2.84
Stress Badge
Prices from: $3.09
Stress Ball
Prices from: $2.35
Stress ball
Prices from: $2.45
Stress Ball
Prices from: $2.23
Stress Ball - Full Colour
Prices from: $1.76
Stress ball Beachball colours
Prices from: $3.14
Stress Ball Note Holder
Prices from: $1.73
Stress ball on elastic band
Prices from: $2.76
stress ball Shiny world shape
Prices from: $2.43
stress balls rugby
Prices from: $3.02
Stress Banana
Prices from: $3.19
Stress Baseball
Prices from: $2.72
Stress Baseball Key Ring
Prices from: $1.73
Stress Basket Ball
Prices from: $2.72
Stress Basketball Key Ring
Prices from: $1.76
Stress Beatle Car
Prices from: $3.06
Stress Bees
Prices from: $4.19
Stress Beetle Car, Yellow
Prices from: $3.09
Stress Black Bull
Prices from: $4.24
Stress Blood Drop
Prices from: $2.23
Stress Bone
Prices from: $3.65
Stress Book
Prices from: $2.85
Stress Boss
Prices from: $3.47
Stress Bowling Pin
Prices from: $3.01
Stress Brain
Prices from: $2.61
Stress Brain
Prices from: $2.98
Stress brain
Prices from: $3.07
Stress Bread
Prices from: $2.83
Stress brick
Prices from: $2.21
Stress Brick
Prices from: $3.57
Stress Brush
Prices from: $2.45
Stress Building Blocks
Prices from: $6.98
Stress Bus White
Prices from: $4.32
Stress Business Card
Prices from: $2.19
Stress Camera
Prices from: $3.52
Stress Car
Prices from: $3.62
Stress Cargo Ship
Prices from: $3.01
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Are you brainstorming for your next promotional campaign? Stress no longer with The Promo Lab's wide range of exciting anti-stress items. No matter your target market or business, we have great options to choose from. A great way to put a smile on your customers' faces is to present them with a fun Horse Stress Reliever or a Poo Emoji Stress Reliever. They are ideal for telling customers that you are great within the plumbing, gastroenterology or fertilizer businesses.

Looking for something cute and attractive, especially for kids, then the Rubber Duck never goes wrong. Classic floating rubber duck squeaks when it is squeezed. It is a fun, attention-grabbing product that is ideal for fundraising, awareness campaigns and promotion.

If your business offers health services, a PU Foam Key Holder stress shape is perfect for you. If you're in the health industry, a PU Foam Figure can remind customers of your business. A delivery truck stress shape is excellent for transport services. Personalised stress balls and shapes offer you endless promotional ideas. You can choose fun and quirky shapes, or you can opt for the standard classic stress balls. Stress balls come in hundreds of unique shapes! You can find traditional round ones and ones shaped like people, objects, animals, food, and more. There's a stress ball out there for everyone!

Why Choose The Promo Lab, NZ?
·      100% New Zealand owned and operated branding agency
·      Largest online range in New Zealand
·      Fast and efficient delivery New Zealand-wide
·      Customisable corporate gift packaging for staff and clients
·      No gift is the same. Unique packaging options available
·      10-15 working day delivery
·      Dedicated customer service

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We sell a range of top brands including AS Colour, Gildan, Hurricane, Biz Collection, Biz Corporates, Bizcare, JB’s Wear, Blunt Umbrellas, Peros, Moleskine, PO ‘di fame, Stormtech, Result, Aurora, Cloke, Trends, Titleist, Sol's, Camelbak, Swiss Peak, Pierre Cardin, Lamy, Barkers, Gear for Life, Eco Gear, Simple, Dri gear, GFL Bags, The Range, Syzmik and so much more.

We also offer a wide selection of branding options such as screen printing, digital printing, resin printing, embroidery, pad printing, sublimation, laser engraving, embossing and debossing, die-cut, supacolour, kiln-fired and hot stamping, depending on the product you select. Customise your bulk/wholesale order now!

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Why Our Customers Love Us?
At The Promo Lab, we believe in delivering quality and value. Here’s what our lovely customers have to say about shopping for Corporate Gifting from us.

The Promo Lab goes out of their way to ensure that they deliver exactly what we need and when we need it. Their superb customer-focused service is why we keep coming back, as well as the quality products that they source on our behalf. Whether it’s taking a call outside of standard business hours, turning quotes around super fast or negotiating expedited production and delivery for last-minute projects, there seems to be nothing that The Promo Lab won’t, or can’t do. They really understand what we need and deliver as if they were working within our business”


Supply Chain Manager, Telegistics