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Hi Vis safety clothing is an essential item for employees working in high risk environments.  Keep your workforce safe and visible with the very latest, top quality hi vis clothing.

Types of Hi Vis

There are many types of hi vis each offering specific safety features and fabrics:

  • Fluorescent hi-vis clothing is made of synthetic material using a specific dye. This dye converts short-wave energy into light.  This allows the clothing to be more visible.
  • Fluorescent hi-vis clothing is most effective during daylight. Artificial lights emit low short wave energy, and therefore reduce the effects of hi vis clothing.
  • Retroreflective high visibility clothing is best used for road safety. This type of clothing only reflects light that is pointing directly at it – for example, vehicle headlights.

In addition to the safety advantages, high visibility clothing can be used for corporate events to identify staff and authorised personnel.  Particularly where access is controlled or restricted for safety or security reasons. Increase awareness of your company presence at an event by promoting a visible corporate identity with branded hi vis clothing.

Hi Vis clothing is used across the globe and for a wide range of industries, such as Forestry, Land Transport, Eventing and Construction.  The Australia/New Zealand Safety Standards set the criteria for high visibility clothing, including the fabrics, materials and colours permitted.  Including the applications and environments where hi vis clothing is required.  The Promo Lab use reputable local suppliers who adhere to the Australia/New Zealand standards for hi vis apparel.

Our range of hi vis apparel details the relevant standards each item adheres to and includes an extensive collection of t-shirts, pants, overalls, beanies, vests, jackets and fleeces.  Each with the option of adding your logo, brand or event name, and a broad range of sizing both for men and women.

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