Why NZ-Made Gifts Make the Best Christmas Gifts for your Staff & Clients?

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New Zealand has always been the hub of artisan and skilled craftsmanship when it comes to traditional souvenirs, edibles, and clothing. However, the thing that you may not know is that these NZ-made products can make the best Christmas gifts for your staff and clients. Though New Zealanders probably cannot expect a grand Christmas party this year due to the pandemic’s lockdown restrictions that often change, you can make the occasion memorable for your business clients and employees with NZ-made Christmas gifts. Here we present why NZ-made gifts are ideal corporate gifts and a mix of some fun and thoughtful items to give to your employees and clients this year. Shop these all online at The Promo Lab

Why NZ-Made Gifts for Christmas?

No matter the occasion, gifts boost the morale of the employees and increase your trustworthiness among your clients. Especially, the Christmas gifts are just more than the material tokens; they’re ways to show your gratitude towards your staff and make clients feel valued. Furthermore, NZ-made gifts are popular as corporate gifts as they are mostly hand-made, reflecting superior quality and craftsmanship. NZ-made gifts are popular all across the world; especially the branded chocolates, skincare gift boxes, candle sets, hand-made bottle sliders, corporate trophies, and business souvenirs. The best thing is that NZ-made gifts are high in quality and economical in the process. 

 At The Promo Lab, you can get the following best NZ made Christmas gifts for your clients and staff.

Branded Trophies

Want to make your Christmas gifts for staff memorable? Consider gifting a gorgeous customized trophy, embedded with your business logo and a special message for the employees. These trophies, made from Rimu Veneer and Shell laminate are of high quality and available in various colours. You can choose your design, colour, material, and logo and The Promo Lab will create customised business trophies for your staff and clients. 

NZ-Made Delicious Shortbread

Festive bells are incomplete without delicious and high-quality shortbreads. Based on NZ’s traditional recipe, these deliciously buttery shortbread treats make great Christmas gifts for your staff and clients, especially those having children at home. These are available in a huge variety, all with the same mouth-watering taste and tempting finish that will leave your staff and clients joyous. All they would want is this great and yummy Christmas gift this year. 

NZ-Made Honey Gift Set

NZ-Made naturally extracted honey variety is world-famous. This honey sampler is a set of carefully curated honey varietals harvested from across New Zealand taking your clients and staff on the ultimate honey tour of New Zealand. The honey gift set contains the most amazing flavours found in NZ, including Wild Thyme Honey, White Clover Honey, Blue Borage Honey, Kamahi Honey, Pohutukawa Honey, Beechwood Honeydew Honey, and Manuka Honey. These honey choices not only make a great Christmas gift but also a healthy present for your staff and clients.

We hope you love these great NZ made corporate Christmas gift options that are going to make your clients and staff happy on this joyous occasion of Christmas this year. 

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