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In an overly saturated modern market, building a brand is challenging. For creating brand trust and considerably enhancing brand recall, positive brand exposure is critical.

Brand recall is the instant recollection of the brand’s name by a customer when he/she is prompted with anything that is associated with the company. Every brand’s ultimate goal is to stay on top of its target customer’s mind. It not only leads to increased sales but also aids word-of-the-mouth marketing.

One of the most effective ways for improving brand recall is investing in promotional products. For many years, promotional materials have been a popular alternative for increasing brand awareness amongst the target audience.

Promotional Products Key Findings-Why They Work?

Here are some key findings from a study conducted by PPAI, a trusted leader in the promotional products industry, delivering essential knowledge about promotional products and the promotional products industry itself.

  • 6 out of 10 people keep promotional products with them for up to 2 years.
  • Even two years after getting a promotional product, 88% of consumers remember the brand’s name.
  • Promotional products provide a higher return on investment than TV, print, radio, outdoor and print advertising.
  • Consumers have stated that receiving a branded promotional gift increased their impression of the company.

Popular Promotional Products

The primary use of promotional products is to increase brand recall. Corporates usually prefer to give away items of daily use as gifts. Such products are functional and prompt the consumer to make use of them in their daily life.

Experienced marketers devise a creative plan for brand awareness. They turn consumer products into exciting and meaningful promotional products. One such example would be using local art and culture to create superior quality branded merchandise—giveaway something that tells a story and make the receiver feel connected.

New Zealand is a hub of traditional souvenirs and handmade products. When you buy NZ Made promotional products, you are supporting a local NZ business and also educating people about the culture, craftsmanship, and history associated with it.

Some popular choices are pens, mugs, apparel, notepads, water bottles, and other daily use items. Mugs as a gift have a longer recall and re-use value than any other promotional item. The longer a promotional item is kept/used, the stronger the impact it has on brand recall.

How Promotional Products Help?

“Products are made in a factory, but brands are created in the mind”

– Waltor Landor

Simply put: your brand is your identity or the promise you offer to your clients.

In a competitive market, both small and large firms recognise the value of promotional products in reaching out to a wider number of individuals. The main goal of giving away promotional merchandise is to increase brand recall. It is a low cost-effective marketing campaign with a high return on investment.

Promotional products usually incorporate the logo and brand message of the company. Ever see the big yellow M on a product? Can you recall what it stands for? McDonald’s. This is how promotional products help in instant brand recognition. People tend to forget TV ads, but products with brand logos are easy to remember. You can customize your promotional product according to your strategy.

Whatever method you choose to incorporate branded merchandise into your marketing plan will almost undoubtedly assist you in raising brand recall and increasing sales.

The Promo Lab offers a huge range of NZ made promotional merchandise for large and small business and beyond. We’d love to chat through how we can bring your ideas to life. Contact us and tell us a bit about what you’re after.

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