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Top Promotional Products for The Automotive Industry

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According to some studies, 95 percent of the automotive sales today are made through dealerships; however, your brand is the first place people will go to start their car-buying journey. Therefore, the automotive businesses and their sales professionals need to have the right marketing tools in place to drive and bring new leads directly and through the dealership. Here, the promotional products for the automotive industry come into play. The right promotional products for the automotive industry help automotive businesses and sales professionals accelerate their business expansion by promoting the brand in the best way. Here we bring you the top promotional products ideas for the automotive industry in NZ.

  1. Air Fresheners
    Bespoke cardboard-made car air fresheners make some of the most traditional yet unique automotive giveaways as promotional products. They keep your clients’ vehicles smelling new while keeping your brand marketing message and logo fresh in their minds at the same time. These custom car air fresheners draw the attention of your potential clients to your business not just for their smell but also due to their vivid print. These can be made in any colour and last for a year unopened. These work well for 7-10 days once opened. There is a lot of variety to choose from in terms of smell; lavender, vanilla, pine, forest, musk, and so on. Make these air fresheners a shape and size that works with your brand message and let these small yet impactful marketing tools establish your brand identity.
    Air Fresheners
  2. Key Rings
    When it comes to keeping the car keys safe and handy, keyrings make the best accessory as well as a great promotional product at the same time. Keyrings are one of the common promotional items in the automotive industry since it is functional enough to hold both car and home keys. If your client uses this keyring, they will tend to see your brand every time they get into the car. Available in various designs and colours, these promotional keyrings gain a great deal of public attention. These are highly affordable and you can save a lot while ordering in bulk. Go for these high-grade plastic-made stylish keyrings and get them designed with your logo for instant brand recognition.
    Key Rings
  3. Mini Car Charger
    What one must-have in the car available all the time? It is not food, water, or clothes. It is the mini car charger, preferably with LED. These compact 1 AMP car chargers embedded with LED that lights up while being used are a dire necessity for all car owners. These make a perfect device for drivers on the go and give a consistent reminder of your brand. These car chargers are so handy and work perfectly with all smartphones and devices. These printed items can transform your promotional strategy and help you put your brand name in front of your clients and in their minds. Such items keep you connected with them even outside the car as these chargers can be carried anywhere. Using personalised and highly functional automotive products like mini car chargers can recharge your marketing campaign by creating a lasting impression.
    Mini Car Charger
  4. Automotive Multi Tool Kit
    Looking for some automotive promotional items that can leave all your clients singing your praises?  If yes, you have got the solution. This XD Dom Multi-Tool, signifying classic design and premium quality is a lifetime promotional item. Customise this lightweight and versatile multi-tool kit with your brand name and logo and please clients with its multiple functions like spring-loaded pliers with wire cutters. Made from high-grade stainless steel and fitted with safety locks, helps your clients use the tool with utmost ease and confidence. This tool has 11 functions and makes a great car accessory.
    Automotive Multi Tool Kit
  5. Stress Car 
    Car drivers often feel stressed, especially while driving long distances or in traffic. What if there is an instant solution that can help them release their stress straight away? We are talking about our custom car-shaped stress car squeezie, printed with your brand logo and message. This fun car-shaped stress reliever will be a hit at any trade show or convention as a giveaway and be sure to help get your name recognised. Racing fans and car enthusiasts will be racing to snatch these cool cars up. This promotional item is cute enough to draw the attention of your clients’s children too.
    Stress Car
  6. Ice Scrapers 
    Your clients would never like to see their car frozen. Why don’t you give them something that can help fix this situation?  High-quality and custom-designed ice scrapers make useful and eye-catchy promotional items. Gift this to your client so they can easily remove the ice from their windscreen and all while being reminded of your brand name whenever they use it. They has a tough serrated edge on the reverse for removing built-up ice and snow. These bespoke and classic ice scrapers have been designed with a sleek profile and large print areas. The heavy-duty scraping blade is strong but it’s a product that is small enough to keep in the glove box so it’s always handy. It’s a great car accessory that your promotional item list should never miss.
    Ice Scrapers

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have loved these budget conscious and suitable promotional products for the automotive industry. There are plenty more. Visit www.thepromolab.co.nz to browse the entire collection or check out our Automotive Category here. Order the best promotional products for the automotive industry in NZ from The Promo Lab, specialists in full-colour printing, screen printing and pad printing solutions for your branded products.  From providing ideas and design through to final printing and despatch, your promotional products are organised in-house by our experienced team. The automotive industry is becoming more competitive day by day and if you don’t think out of the box to promote your brand, you will be left behind. Our large automotive promotional collection makes sure you stay ahead in the market.

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