The 10 Hottest Tech Items to Give Away to Clients

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The top promotional items of 2021 to nurture and generate leads

Everyone loves keeping up with the latest technology. From laptops to smartphones – devices make our lives much more convenient and fun.

Your clients and staff will value tech-related products – which is why it would be wise to add these items to your next promotional campaign (if you haven’t already!).

Thankfully, The Promo Lab has a huge range of the latest, innovative promotional tech accessories and gear in New Zealand. So, unlike the patchy WIFI you may get in the deep South – we’ve got you covered!

We’ve curated a list of some of the hottest tech promotional products from our collection. Get your creative juices flowing and choose the best promotional products to fit your brand image.

  1. USB Sticks
    Ultra Light USB For Corporate Gifting
    Price Range-Starting from $5It’s always handy to have some extra storage in your pocket. USBs are lightweight and easy to travel with. They can hold lots of important files and data. Perfect for the office and for keeping your clients or employees computers clutter-free. One cool thing about our USBs is that you can customise them by choosing your own colours and designs.
  2. Bluetooth Speakers
    Bluetooth Speakers For Corporate Gifting
    Price Range- Starting From $15Everyone loves a portable Bluetooth Speaker.

    An on-the-go, immersive sound experience. Your clients will take this to the office, the beach – or any where that could do with a bit of a beat. Add your logo and crank up your brand exposure in no time. Whenever your client plays music on their speaker, they’ll remember your brand.

  3. Power Bank
    Handy Power Bank For Corporate Gifting
    Price Range- Starting from-$6.15 There’s nothing worse when you’re about to board a plane or you’re in the middle of an important phone call when – “Bugger!” Your phone dies.

    A power bank is a super handy tech item that your corporate clients will love. With this promotional power bank, your clients will be able to fully charge their smartphones – even in the most remote areas.

    Your clients will be very thankful for this promotional gift. You should also think about gifting them to your employees…then they’ll have no excuse for missing your phone calls ever again!

  4. Computer Mouse
    Portable Computer Mouse For Corporate Gifting
    Price Range- starting from $5.30 Are you targeting tech-savvy clients? A promotional mouse can work wonders for your business. The ergonomic design makes life easier when working on a computer all day. Available in a wireless or traditional design – your customer will be sure to use this every day. Think of the mileage your brand will get when it’s stamped on the back of a mouse.
  5. Mouse Mat
    Mouse Mats With Logo
    Price Range- starting from $1.58 Let your customers see your awesome brand every time they sit down at their desk. A mouse mat is a great, affordable tech accessory for your client. Our custom mouse pads are a great promotional product idea & as freebie giveaway items at exhibitions and trade shows.
  6. Wireless Ear Buds
    Wireless Ear Buds For Corporate Branding
    Price Range – Starting from $18.87 Fashionable, useful, and durable. Add more value to your next promotional product campaign with wireless buds.

    Wireless earbuds have quickly become one of the most sought-after items at tech events. People love them!

    They are a particularly great gift if you’re in the music industry. Brand these buds with your logo and forever be a part of your client’s music experience. You can’t go wrong with this promotional tech item.

  7. iPhone Accessories
    Custom iPhone Accessories For Gifting
    Price Range- Starting From- $27.05It seems almost everyone has an iPhone these days. Especially tech-savvy millennials.

    If you’re targeting Apple fans, iPhone accessories will delight your clients. There are plenty of Apple accessories on The Promo Lab that will pair nicely with your clients iPhones. These are a great gift idea for anyone with an Apple device (just don’t give them to an Android user) – you might just start a tech-fuelled war!

  8. CD DVD Wallet
    CD-DVD Wallet With Logo Branding
    Price Range- Starting From- $31.89 Ok – we admit – these are a little old-school! But they’re kind of vintage and cool. CD and DVD wallets are for the old souls in this new generation. If your brand is a little quirky or different, this might just make a mark on your clients.

    Our CD and DVD wallets can be customised with your brand and are available in different styles and sizes.

  9. Wireless Chargers
    Wireless Chargers With Logo Printing
    Price Range- Starting from- $6.02 Charge up your brand with a wireless charger! Help your client never worry about tangled wires or lost phone cables again by gifting them a customised wireless charger. Our custom wireless chargers make an excellent giveaway item. They are versatile and there’s lots of room to add some branding creativity in the design.
  10. USB Cables
    Promotional USB Cables For Client Gifting
    Price Range-Starting Price $4.80 Tech items can be pricey, so it’s impressive when an affordable gadget has multiple uses. Connect with your clients and customers with promotional USB cables.

    Our multi-USB sets are a great option as they are compatible with both Apple iOS and Android devices (so you won’t have to figure out who’s got what).

    Choose from a huge range of charging USB cables, and don’t forget to make them promotional by printing them with your brand’s logo.

None of these products pique your interest? Why not check out our entire collection of promotional products. We are sure you’ll find something there to suit your needs, and we deliver all across New Zealand.

You can also reach out to us. We are a pretty creative bunch here at The Promo Lab. You can trust us to put our heads together and come up with the right promotional product for your brand.

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