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Working in the real estate industry? If yes, then you must know how competitive it is. Thousands of real estate companies and consultants are running after the business opportunities in the market. Besides real estate agents, the industry is challenging the real estate business owners to cope with the increasing competition and changing customer trends. All this implies that whether you are a real estate professional opting to stand out for your sales target or the business owners who want to capture the market share, there is a need to stand out from the crowd. But how it can be done? There are several options to choose from; using suitable promotional products for the real estate industry is one of the simplest of choices.

The Importance of Promotional Products in Real Estate

In real estate industry dynamics, one formula is always highlightedi.e. the more you market yourself, the more opportunities you will get. It means focusing on the marketing and promotion of the real estate company is beneficial both for the brand itself and the people working for it. Suitable promotional products for the real estate industry are getting popular and rising as a key element of the real estate marketing strategy.

Whether you deal with first-timers, buyers, sellers, or even seasoned real estate investors, your clients expect high-class service from you at each step of the business process. The right real estate promotional product will help them be comfortable with your service and the brand you are representing. In many cases, a promotional product is the ice breaker and helps real estate professionals close the deal by building a positive relationship.

Real estate promotional products are not only a decent representation of your brand but also help build a strong relationship with your clients, especially the new ones. Having such a product from your side at the first meeting even establishes your company integrity.

But what are the suitable promotional products for the real estate industry? Here we bring some of the trendiest and minimalist options for you to choose from.

The Right Promotional Products for Real Estate Industry

  1. Branded Vistro Pen:
    Elegantly designed branded Vistro translucent pens are a great option as event giveaways and client gifts. Get your real estate company logo pad printed or a digitally printed on the barrel and it becomes a perfect promotional item. Made with high-quality metal with plunger action and the option to have a stylus on top, the Vistro pens can be customised in terms of colours too. The pens can be accompanied by a branded gift pouch to have a more decent appeal for your clients.
    Branded Vistro Pen
  2. Coffee Mug
    In real estate, when nothing goes right, drink coffee. These Natura coffee mugs made from 50/50 blend of natural wheat straw fibre are perfect to show off your company logo and make a great promotional gift for your clients. Either you want it as an appreciation gift for your client or want to display it on your desk or even serve coffee in it at open homes, this mug is a great option to have your brand in the mind of your clients.
    Coffee Mug
  3. Keychains 
    One of the most traditional yet popular promotional products for the real estate industry is the house-shaped plastic key chain. These can also be custom made in metal. However, these Flexi resin key rings, house-shaped, are the favourite. Using this, new homeowners will get positive vibes every time they enter their brand-new home. Get these personalised in your own way; the design, colour, text and if you want to go down the custom-made route chose the material, texture, finishing, etc. The choices are infinite.
  4. Stress House 
    Being a real estate professional, you know that buying and selling is stressful.  The House stress reliever is one of the trendiest shapes, made from soft polyurethane. These beautifully designed house-shaped stress houses can lighten up your clients’ mood instantly. Get the stress house custom printed with your branding and it makes a unique and personalised promotional item for real estate customers.
    Stress House
  5. Slate Coaster 
    Want something that can remind your clients of you all the time? Then, you should opt for a promotional item that could be on their coffee table. Slate coasters are the perfect choice for this. This elegantly designed, blackish-toned slate coaster is a great piece to be paired with wine, beer, coffee or champagne. Plus, it will also protect your clients’ table tops and new furniture. This is indeed a great real estate promotional product with high functionality.
    Slate Coaster
  6. High Mint Tin 
    Mint candies in a branded high tin? Sounds like a unique and interesting way to entice your real estate customers. These custom high mint tins are filled with mints that will always make your breath smell fresh or give you that sugar hit you crave. This also makes an economical open home giveaway that no client will say “no thanks”. Get it custom branded with your logo printed on the tin and you are all set to go.
    High Mint Tin
  7. House Tape Measure Key Ring 
    Let’s talk about some essentials. This house tape measure keyring will go the distance for your next promotion. This tape measure features a 1m locking tape measure with both centimetres and inches and retracts with a push-button. It also includes a metal ring to add to your current keyring making it always handy and available. Make it customised with the imprinted your logo on the tape measure casing. It makes the perfect gift from the construction, real estate, and building industries.
    House Tape Measure Key Ring

I hope you have loved these amazing and suitable promotional products for the real estate industry. There are plenty more. Visit to browse the entire collection. Order the best promotional products for the real estate industry in NZ from The Promo Lab,  specialists in full-colour printing solutions, embroidery, pad print, screen printing and all other branding options. From branded apparel, display merchandise to corporate gifting and promotional products we do it all so get in touch with our experienced team.

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