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Every year, New Zealanders celebrate their rich countryside known for its utmost serenity, sustainable agricultural developments, and digital innovation. The celebration is made under the name of Fieldays, one of the biggest events in New Zealand, presenting its agricultural and primary sectors and connecting them with the international market place. The goal of Fieldays NZ is to promote agriculture in the country and advance this sector with innovation, education, and globalisation. The Fieldays event is visited by more than 100,000 visitors every year. The Promo Lab is proud to be associated with this grand event as one of the key suppliers of branded supplies like display items including  Marquees, Flags, Balloons, Display Stands, Table Cloths, Media Walls, Pull Up Banners, and Umbrellas, Giveaways like Tote Bags, and staff apparel and uniform accessories such as T-shirts, Jackets, Lanyards, and Beanies.

More About Fieldays

National Agricultural Fieldays is the biggest agribusiness exhibition in New Zealand. It is a famous platform for launching the latest agricultural technology. We can say that it is the major agribusiness exhibition in the whole Southern Hemisphere where contemporary agricultural methods are displayed. National Agricultural Fieldays is an ideal blend of technology and innovation and therefore a very popular event for more than 40 years. Hundreds of buyers and sellers from across the globe visit Fieldays to be a part of this super event. Certainly, this event also opens many business opportunities for the exhibitors and at the same time educate the visitors about the latest trends in the NZ agricultural industry.

Do you know that Fieldays 2019 produced $549M sales revenue for New Zealand businesses and brought a massive amount of $249M to the national GDP? Fieldays draws about 130,000 visitors every year who belong to all walks of life. From farmers taking a day off the farm, catching up with their friends, and getting some deals to city dwellers experiencing the best of the country community.

Fieldays is Happening this June

Awards & Giveaways

Fieldays is a great platform for many agribusinesses and individuals related to the agriculture sector. The Promo Lab has been facilitating these businesses with their branding material needs in terms of branded display items, giveaways, and staff uniforms and apparel, to be used in their exhibition stalls.

Fieldays Innovations is a platform for global creative problem-solvers to portray their innovation to the primary industries while offering an opportunity to be recognized as the Fieldays Innovation Award winner. It connects creators with corporate decision-makers, investors, media, and industry leaders while giving an ideal platform to test innovations within a highly targeted audience. You can contact The Promo Lab for branded souvenirs, trophies, and tote bags for awards and giveaways.

Get Yourself Ready

If you’re a fan of Fieldays NZ and planning to exhibit at the event this June, it’s high time to get yourself ready with branded clothing, accessories, and other necessary items you might be needing to stand out at the event to the fullest. Shop all these items at The Promo Lab including t-shirts, beanies, jackets, etc. Order your branded giveaways, display items, and staff’s uniform available at The Promo Lab at highly affordable prices.

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