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Looking for a promotional product that sits in line with your environmental ethics as a business?  Now more than ever using eco-friendly business practices and ensuring the products you use, promote and sell do not impact on the environment is becoming more and more important to both businesses and their customers.

Eco promotional products are made from biodegradable raw materials, such as ethically grown and harvested wood, bamboo, jute, cork and organic cotton.  Environmentally friendly promo items should maintain sustainable manufacturing practices and carry a minimal carbon footprint on the planet.  Natural raw materials that when grown have contributed to cleaner air, reduced use of pesticides and low impact harvesting reflects a positive contribution to reducing the impact on our planet.

In addition, eco-friendly promo items once discarded should not impact the environment and oceans.  Depending on the conditions, a product made from bamboo can take from 4 months to 3 years to break down and can be composted.  In comparison a plastic bottle can take up to 450 years to biodegrade.

Reflect your business, brand or campaign values by choosing eco-friendly promotional merchandise sourced locally from New Zealand.  Buying locally made eco-friendly promotional products lowers the carbon footprint and impact on our planet by choosing a product that has not travelled from overseas using several transportation methods.  Reducing fuel consumption and air pollution by sourcing your promotional items locally is a better greener eco-choice.

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