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It's estimated that you will spend about 4.3 years inside a car during your lifetime. Wow. That's a lot. Why don't you consider this and try something new to promote your business or campaign to a higher level? The Promo Lab represents a unique collection of custom promotional car and boat accessories within different styles and under your budget. Our entire collection is practical yet helpful and perfect for every brand, from sports teams to colleges to large corporates. They are eye-catching and attention-grabbing. It adds comfort and style to your vehicle plus works as a moving billboard for your brand. What are you looking for? Dive below and explore our unique range:

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ABS seat belt cutter Marjorie
Prices from: $4.64
Air vent phone holder
Prices from: $7.39
Auto Sunshade - INDENT
Prices from: $24.36
Auto Sunshade, Silver
Prices from: $10.25
Avera Trunk Organiser
Prices from: $27.43
Bamboo Car Phone Holder
Prices from: $6.16
Bis Dual USB Car Charger
Prices from: $19.86
Bluetooth Receiver Domky
Prices from: $15.65
Car Air Fresher
Prices from: $1.68
Car Air Fresher
Prices from: $1.86
Car Air Fresher
Prices from: $1.73
Car Bin Oness
Prices from: $8.40
Car boot Organizer Nardelly
Prices from: $26.15
Car Bucket Dry Tissue
Prices from: $4.47
Car Bucket Wet Tissue
Prices from: $6.23
Car Dashboard Phone Holder Wantol
Prices from: $16.55
Car Mobile Holder
Prices from: $7.26
Car Phone Holder Daminus
Prices from: $4.47
Car Shade
Prices from: $10.82
Car Shade
Prices from: $8.77
Car sun visor
Prices from: $9.23
Car Sun Visor
Prices from: $9.98
Car Sun Visor Tissue Box
Prices from: $8.72
Car Sunshade 180 x 90 cm Belgiox
Prices from: $50.16
Car Sunshade Set
Prices from: $7.26
Car Sunshade Set
Prices from: $10.28
Car Tidy
Prices from: $3.13
Car Tissue Cylinder
Prices from: $10.65
Car Vent Mobile Stand
Prices from: $2.10
Car Vent Mobile Stand
Prices from: $1.76
Car Vent Phone Holder Ring
Prices from: $6.46
Cargo Storage Organiser
Prices from: $13.64
Prices from: $5.55
Classic Car Charger 1.0A
Prices from: $14.35
Classic Car Charger 2.1A
Prices from: $15.57
Prices from: $1.07
Dash-Mate Sunshade - INDENT
Prices from: $26.60
Dash-Mate Sunshade, Silver
Prices from: $10.46
Dashboard Camera
Prices from: $54.27
Dashboard Mats
Prices from: $1.82
Deluxe emergency car kit
Prices from: $59.69
Dual Square Metal Car Charger
Prices from: $7.82
Dustbin in Car
Prices from: $7.94
Dyno hammer torch
Prices from: $22.26
Emergency car kit
Prices from: $35.60
Emergency Hammer
Prices from: $4.26
Emergency Hammer
Prices from: $3.82
Emergency Hammer
Prices from: $3.28
Emergency Hammer Torch
Prices from: $6.55
Ezi-Fold Sunshade - INDENT
Prices from: $29.42
FM 29 - Black
Prices from: $6.37
FM 29 - White
Prices from: $6.37
FM 8 - Black - STD
Prices from: $3.73
FM 8 - White - STD
Prices from: $3.73
FM12 - Black - VIC SLIM
Prices from: $3.73
FM12 - White - VIC SLIM
Prices from: $3.73
FM14 - Black - STD
Prices from: $3.73
FM14 - White - STD
Prices from: $3.73
FM81 - Black - STD No Tag
Prices from: $3.73
FM81- White - STD No Tag
Prices from: $3.73
Foldable Car Shade
Prices from: $9.98
Foldable Car Sunshade with Pouch
Prices from: $16.84
Kozo Tech Magnet (Rectangle)
Prices from: $21.24
Kozo Tech Magnet (Round)
Prices from: $19.65
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Help your customers and employees stock up their vehicles for comfort and safety with promotional auto accessories! These automotive promotional items are meant to make the most of their car travels, from daily commuting to errands or road trips. If you are looking for something unique, then our custom printed ABS 3-in-1 Cup Holder is a great option. It is holder for the phone, car charger, and coin container. Bulk order and drive more business!

Start driving traffic to your business with automotive promotional products. We have plenty of auto promo products that are great for any car owner. If you are looking for something unique, then our custom printed ABS And Aluminium Adapter is an awesome choice. They are also available in three colours black, blue, and red with 2 USB ports.

The best way to raise awareness for your brand is to ensure that people all over will see it. If you are looking for something specific, then our custom promotional Deluxe Emergency Car Kit is amazing. It features a zipped bag with a reflective strip, first aid kit, hi-visibility vest, tow rope,  12-volt jumper leads and flashlight.

Bulk order the best one as per your needs, and do not forget to customise it with your logo!

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If you are in search of some different promotional products or branded gifts, then explore collections such as Torches, Measuring Tapes, Multi-Tools, Tool Kits, Air Fresheners and Fragrance, Microfibre Cloths, Promotional Giveaways, Cables, Camera, Chargers, Metal Drink Bottles, Laptop & Satchel Bags, Keyrings, First Aid Kits, Wet Wipes,  Cooler Bags, Dry Bags, Eco Bags, Eco Headwear, Eco Items, Polo Shirts, Sports & Play and many more.

We sell a range of top brands including AS Colour, Gildan, Hurricane, Biz Collection, Biz Corporates, Bizcare, JB’s Wear, Blunt Umbrellas, Peros, Moleskine, PO ‘di fame, Stormtech, Result, Aurora, Cloke, Trends, Titleist, Sol's, Camelbak, Swiss Peak, Pierre Cardin, Lamy, Barkers, Gear for Life, Eco Gear, Simple, Dri gear, GFL Bags, The Range, Syzmik and so much more.

We also offer a wide selection of branding options such as screen printing, digital printing, resin printing, embroidery, pad printing, sublimation, laser engraving, embossing and debossing, die-cut, supacolour, kiln-fired and hot stamping, depending on the product you select. Customise your bulk/wholesale order now!

Contact us today via phone on 09 416 5500 or online to start your personalised gifting experience.

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