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Present your clients or employees with an elegant serving board. The Promo Lab has a wide range of carefully selected serving boards that will be sure to impress. Food presentation is key, so if you or your clients are in the food industry - our wooden or slate serving boards would make the perfect gift. All our boards are made from quality materials, including acacia wood, recycled bamboo and more. Whichever serving board you choose, don’t forget to personalise it with your brand.

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Acacia Wood Pizza Paddle
Prices from: $35.26
Acacia Wood Steak Serving Board
Prices from: $20.69
Alder Wood Cutting board
Prices from: $17.11
Artisan Tasting Board Set
Prices from: $49.10
Ashford Slate Cheese Board Set
Prices from: $34.34
Bamboo cheese board Jelena
Prices from: $64.51
Bamboo cheese board Regina
Prices from: $98.09
Bamboo Cheese board Set
Prices from: $48.72
Bamboo Cheese/Serving Board
Prices from: $32.12
Bamboo Cheese/Serving Board
Prices from: $39.25
Bamboo Cutting Board (Large)
Prices from: $10.67
Bamboo Cutting Board (Small)
Prices from: $7.79
Bamboo cutting board Heddy
Prices from: $39.04
Bamboo cutting board Steven
Prices from: $46.17
Bamboo plate and cup holder
Prices from: $17.44
Bamboo Tray
Prices from: $24.74
Caraway Bamboo serving board
Prices from: $67.88
Caraway Long Bamboo Serving Board
Prices from: $58.78
Chef Bamboo cutting board Set
Prices from: $63.79
Choice Chopping Board
Prices from: $4.47
Chopping Board (Rimu)
Prices from: $54.72
Coventry Cheese Board
Prices from: $50.02
Cutting Board
Prices from: $5.23
Cutting board
Prices from: $21.85
Estate Serving Board
Prices from: $43.22
Foldable Bamboo Tray
Prices from: $82.62
Foldable Chopping Board
Prices from: $7.02
Fromage Board
Prices from: $18.45
Groove Serving board
Prices from: $25.86
Homegrown Rectangular Food Platter
Prices from: $177.96
Homegrown Round Food Platter
Prices from: $177.96
Homestead Serving Board
Prices from: $28.48
House of Cheese
Prices from: $43.74
House shaped cutting board
Prices from: $16.61
Jumbo Party Plate
Prices from: $30.57
Kavala Bamboo Serving Board
Prices from: $15.08
Keepsake Lazy Susan
Prices from: $54.73
Keepsake Pebble Serving Board
Prices from: $21.43
Kensington Cheese Board - Round
Prices from: $34.04
Large Bamboo Cutting board
Prices from: $95.10
Large Round Chopping Board
Prices from: $63.14
Lawson Cheese Board 25cm
Prices from: $58.17
Lawson Cheese Board 28cm
Prices from: $66.19
Lawson Cheese Board 30cm
Prices from: $74.22
Le Gourmet
Prices from: $17.31
Long cutting board
Prices from: $38.12
Lungo Tavolo Table
Prices from: $111.89
Macrocarpa Chopping Board, Large
Prices from: $60.68
Marble Bamboo Serving Board
Prices from: $58.21
Meze Gourmet Set
Prices from: $79.78
Montgomery Cheese Board
Prices from: $61.73
Montrose Slate Cheese Board Set
Prices from: $35.26
Napoli Serving Board
Prices from: $38.64
New Orleans Serving Paddle
Prices from: $29.85
Obilia Bamboo Chopping Board
Prices from: $15.05
Ozi Bamboo Paddle Board
Prices from: $13.81
Party Plate
Prices from: $22.42
Petal Serving Board
Prices from: $73.72
Picnic for Two
Prices from: $39.09
Picnic Serving Board
Prices from: $32.52
Picnic Table
Prices from: $47.71
Pisa Serving Platter
Prices from: $34.83
Pizza Board
Prices from: $115.92
Pizza Peel Set
Prices from: $57.15
Platter/Chop Board - Cove
Prices from: $68.19
Platter/Chop Board - Rectangular
Prices from: $68.19
Platter/Chop Board - Round
Prices from: $68.19
Prices from: $38.12
Portsea Serving Board
Prices from: $43.82
Provence Cheese Set
Prices from: $49.06
Rectangular Serving Platter - L
Prices from: $70.00
Rectangular Serving Platter - M
Prices from: $53.18
Rectangular Serving Platter - S
Prices from: $40.85
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Show your company’s sustainable side by ordering from our range of eco-friendly serving boards. Our Napoli Serving Board is stylish and tasteful. In beautiful charcoal black, this serving board is made from recycled wood fibre and has anti-mould and stain-resistant properties.
Or go for something different like our miniature Picnic Table. Our picnic serving table is ideal for a beach date for two.  Detachable and easy to carry, this quality board made from solid pine timber holds two wine glasses and a small space for cheese and crackers.
Wine Accessories: Complete your serving board with some classy wine accessories. From bespoke wine chillers to holders, glassware and bottle openers - we have the complete range of wine associated products.
Cooking and Food: Foodie clients will also love our cooking and food range. Bring out your clients’ inner chef with a fashionable cooking apron. Our ¾ Black Aprons can also be screen printed or embroidered with your company’s brand name or logo.
Cheese Boards: If serving boards aren’t your client’s thing, then browse our range of cheese board sets, including marble and wooden chopping boards.

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·      100% New Zealand owned and operated branding agency
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·      Customisable corporate gift packaging for staff and clients
·      No gift is the same. Unique packaging options available
·      10-15 working day delivery
·      Dedicated customer service

You may also love to look at other corporate gift ideas such as gourmet food itemsspecial gift hamperspicnic setsNZ-made food and confectioneries.  
A wide selection of branding options are available, such as: screen printing, embroidery, pad printing, sublimation, laser engraving and resin printing, depending on the product you select. Customise your bulk/wholesale order now!
Contact us today via phone on 09 416 5500 or online to start your personalised gifting experience.

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At The Promo Lab, we believe in delivering quality and value. Here’s what our lovely customers have to say about shopping for corporate gifts from us.
“Katie and the team at The Promo Lab made the selection and delivery of our marketing products such a smooth process.  The website was exceptionally easy to navigate and the team made some great suggestions for suitable products.  Their online responses were timely, prices competitive and our products were delivered earlier than expected.  Overall a highly satisfactory transaction. Thank you!”
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