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When it comes to targeting consumers who use promotional products, marketers have a lot of tools at their disposal. However, when it comes to reaching a brand's audience, some tools are more effective than others. Each brand is unique, and the demographics differ, but one eco-friendly product category that provides significant results for all brands is reusable eco drinkware. That's why we at The Promo Lab offer you an extensive collection of promotional eco-friendly drinkware printed with your logo in NZ. This collection of drinkware is eco-friendly with options made from recycled, sustainable, or biodegradable materials like stainless steel, glass, wood, cork and even trendy rice husk. Explore our exclusive collection below:

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100% PLA Compostable Bottle
Prices from: $17.84
1L Bottle with carabiner
Prices from: $17.76
1L Glass Bottle with Cork Lid
Prices from: $31.02
250ml Ceramic Mug with Bamboo Lid
Prices from: $23.29
Prices from: $11.53
700ml Ceramic Teapot
Prices from: $52.56
800ml Glass Bottle with Cork Lid
Prices from: $28.33
Akin - oak mug
Prices from: $15.57
Alabama RPET Drinking bottle
Prices from: $11.83
Alchemy Glass Tumbler
Prices from: $10.00
Allegra 1L Bottle
Prices from: $34.75
Allegra 750ml Bottle
Prices from: $31.78
Allure Glass Bottle
Prices from: $8.87
Amel 400ml Drink Bottle
Prices from: $14.52
Amel 800ml Bottle
Prices from: $22.54
Aroma Coffee Cup / Comfort Lid
Prices from: $6.71
Aroma Coffee Cup / Handle Lid
Prices from: $6.71
Aroma Eco Cup / Comfort Lid
Prices from: $7.56
Aroma Eco Cup / Eco Comfort Lid
Prices from: $6.11
Aroma Eco Cup / Handle Lid
Prices from: $7.56
Athena Double wall vacuum bottle
Prices from: $27.08
Atlanta Aluminium Drink Bottle
Prices from: $15.74
Atlanta Bottle
Prices from: $10.37
Bamboo Cup Warmer
Prices from: $18.16
Bamboo Double Wall Cup
Prices from: $14.00
Bamboo Double Wall Tumbler
Prices from: $19.08
Bamboo Flask
Prices from: $21.60
Bamboo Slim Hip Flask
Prices from: $12.27
Bamboo SS Flask
Prices from: $28.30
Bamboo Travel Mug
Prices from: $29.21
Bambu Eco 480ml Bottle
Prices from: $35.73
Barvalia Vacuum Drink Bottle
Prices from: $36.69
Bendigo Matte Enamel Mug
Prices from: $6.44
Biodegradable/Compostable Cup
Prices from: $2.61
Bogota Bamboo Coffee Cup
Prices from: $8.96
Borio Insulated Cork Cup - 500ml
Prices from: $21.17
Bottle Glass 600ml - Bamboo Lid
Prices from: $29.12
Bottle Pigot - 800ml
Prices from: $24.37
Brace Double Wall Tumbler 510ml
Prices from: $23.71
Breidy Recycled Insulated Bottle
Prices from: $28.05
Brianca Insulated Water Bottle
Prices from: $33.31
Bubble Vacuum Drink Bottle 500ml
Prices from: $34.37
Burdis Bamboo and Glass Bottle
Prices from: $14.47
Burra Bamboo Drink Bottle
Prices from: $24.91
Calypso 500ml Bottle
Prices from: $34.86
Canister Vacuum Bottle
Prices from: $12.03
Capri Glass Bottle
Prices from: $11.29
Cascade Coffee Cup
Prices from: $13.50
Ceramic Cup Set
Prices from: $18.53
Chai Glass Bottle
Prices from: $25.36
Chan 400ml Bamboo Flask
Prices from: $35.66
Choice Coffee Mug
Prices from: $2.33
Classic 1L Water Bottle
Prices from: $36.72
Classic 500ml Water Bottle
Prices from: $23.55
Clear AS Karma Kup
Prices from: $2.31
Coffee Set
Prices from: $96.30
Conscious Glass Bottle
Prices from: $15.14
Copper Cocktail Mug
Prices from: $23.42
Copper Cocktail Shaker
Prices from: $42.06
Cork Base drink bottle
Prices from: $21.45
Cork glass markers / charms
Prices from: $14.19
Cork Vacuum Flask
Prices from: $29.93
Cossack Mule Mug
Prices from: $12.50
Cup pp material 500ml
Prices from: $3.92
Cylindrical Double Wall Tumbler
Prices from: $25.41
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Generally, in a corporation, a coffee cup is used prominently. Let your employee enjoy their  coffee break with motivational phrases. Or make your corporate gift a credible ecofriendly  representation of your brand with a branded bamboo double wall cup. This 350ml nature-inspired double wall coffee cup has a genuine bamboo outer wall with a stainless-steel inner wall to keep your drink hot for longer.  It also features a secure screw-on lid with a splash proof flip closure to stop spillage. They are ideal for holding your favourite beverage and keeping it hot or cool for longer.

An overwhelming majority of people own promotional drinkware. It shows that most people are receptive to receiving and using promotional drinkware. If you are looking for the same, then our branded promotional bamboo thermos bottle (400 ml) is the right choice for you. It has a durable double-wall and features a stainless steel cap and accents.

Associate your brand with being healthy and socially responsible via using a promotional Vulcan wheat fibre mug. This 300ml reusable coffee cup is made from a 50% blend of wheat fibre and BPA free polypropylene. Elegant and stylish, this mug offers a wide area for your logo and message printing. No matter what niche your business is related to, you can choose drink bottles and cups for anything and everything and they will always serve your purpose.

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We sell a range of top brands including AS Colour, Gildan, Hurricane, Biz Collection, Biz Corporates, Bizcare, JB’s Wear, Blunt Umbrellas, Peros, Moleskine, PO ‘di fame, Stormtech, Result, Aurora, Cloke, Trends, Titleist, Sol's, Camelbak, Swiss Peak, Pierre Cardin, Lamy, Barkers, Gear for Life, Eco Gear, Simple, Dri gear, GFL Bags, The Range, Syzmik and so much more.

We also offer a wide selection of branding options such as screen printing, digital printing, resin printing, embroidery, pad printing, sublimation, laser engraving, embossing and debossing, die-cut, supacolour, kiln-fired and hot stamping, depending on the product you select. Customise your bulk/wholesale order now!

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