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Branded Facemasks and Hand Sanitisers

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Since many fashion and retail brands are re-opening the stores and starting their operations in post-pandemic times, they are also seeking some additional revenue streams to compensate for the losses they incurred during the lockdown. That’s why most of them have added branded facemasks and hand sanitisers in their product lines. Hence, the trend of branded antibacterial facemasks and branded sanitisers is rising.

The Current Scenario

Among the sudden peaks and downs of 2020 is the trending of facemasks and sanitisers in the whole world. Production for medical and anti-bacterial masks, and even non-medical masks along with hand sanitisers, swept the global industry in March 2020 since giants like Gucci, Mother Denim, Prada, etc. started the production of masks and sanitisers. Many allocated new resources for the same to respond to the demand derived by Covid-19.

For some, blending a personal and fashion aspect of face mask and sanitisers is a way to help cope with and humanise a new reality. Almost every one of us understands that COVID-19 is going to be there at least until its vaccine is invented and widely accessible, so we are expecting the brands to produce face masks in bulk for the next 12-18 months, according to Benjamin Ayer, the head of the Benjamin Bellwether, a fashion trend forecasting firm.

Searches for the branded non-medical face masks and sanitisers will be high, as predicted by Lyst, a global fashion search platform. Searches rose by 510 percent from the start of the year. As a substitute for branded face masks, scarves would rise in demand when usually the seasonal demand for this accessory would usually be much lower.

The Expectations from Branded Facemasks and Hand Sanitisers

The fashion brands producing face masks and firms producing hand sanitisers also exert efforts to determine customers’ point of view in this category. While earlier shipments of face masks and hand sanitizers were produced under urgency, consumers would expect the branded PPEs with a higher level of comfort, quality, protection, packaging, and aesthetics—traits that influence their other branded purchases.

Brands must create products having their specific customer in mind whether it’s about a color or material. People still want to express themselves as they would with other choices they make in accessories or apparel, so the trends such as bold colours, attractive prints and patterns, and positive messages will be expected by the consumers while buying branded facemasks and sanitisers.

Anti-bacterial Facemasks & Branded Sanitisers

Branded anti-bacterial facemasks are available in a large variety to include cotton face masks, carbon filter face masks, 3 Ply facemasks, re-usable face masks, disposable facemasks, and Shield cotton face masks.  The branded sanitisers are also rising in popularity including hand sanitiser gel, credit card hand sanitiser, sanitiser spray, hand sanitiser sticks, hand sanitiser tubes, sanitiser pocket spray, scented sanitiser, and so on.

The Final Thoughts

With increasing demand, branded face masks are becoming a necessity across the world, and now is the time to make sure your workforce and customers are safe.

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